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Code of Conduct

Elkton Parks and Recreation Code of Conduct

kidsThe Elkton Recreation Commission may at its own discretion review, change, amend, and enforce rules pertaining to conduct at any time. The Elkton Recreation Commission may also choose to impose any penalties it deems appropriate with respect to any conduct detrimental to the goals of the activity whether written, implied or otherwise stated.

  1. The proper conduct of players and fans shall be the responsibility of the team manager.
  2. Disorderly conduct including, but not limited to, the use of profanity, shall not be tolerated.
  3. Any manager, coach, player, parent, or fan that voices strong and/or persistent displeasure with and officials decision or who loudly criticizes any player, official, coach, manager, or fan, before, during, or after and activity while on public grounds, shall be suspended for one activity period/game.
  4. The penalty for a second offense, or if a first offense is deemed to be excessive in nature, shall result in suspension of the guilty party for the remainder of the season. The suspended person(s) will not be permitted to participate in any Rockingham County Parks and Recreation activities as well.
  5. The use of particular facilities is granted to the Recreation Department and the rules of each facility shall be adhered to. Failure to adhere to the rules could result in the loss of use indefinitely.
  6. Accidents resulting in damage to the facility and its equipment shall be reported immediately. Failure to report may result in loss of use indefinitely.
  7. Any willful abuse of a facility and/or its equipment shall result in a one-year suspension from all Elkton and County recreational activities. The parties responsible for the damage shall be asked to pay for all damages. Failure to pay for damages may result in legal action.
  8. The use of tobacco and possession of alcohol and/or illegal narcotics is strictly prohibited on Rockingham County school grounds.
  9. The use of alcohol and/or illegal narcotics is strictly prohibited at any recreation activity or county owned property.
  10. Any participant, who threatens bodily harm to anyone, shall be suspended from all Elkton and Rockingham County recreation activities for a minimum of one year.
  11. Any participant, parent, or fan that physically assaults anyone shall be suspended from all Elkton and Rockingham County recreation activities indefinitely.
  12. kid wavingLegal action may be taken in the event of any unlawful activity.

NOTE: The Elkton Parks and Recreation Department and the Rockingham County Parks and Recreation Department have adopted their respective Rules of Suspension. The Elkton Parks and Recreation Department may suspend indefinitely any participant for repeated offenses; the Rockingham County Parks and Recreation Department will honor this suspension.

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Recreation Programs

Elkton Rec Senior Program

2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 11:00 am.

Gymnastics Classes

Ages 3-18 years old with Beginner, Intermediate and Cheer Tumbling. Classes are held year round and participants are placed per their ability and age. Classes $40 per month.


Flag Football

1st-3rd grades, 3rd grader must weigh under 65lbs, September-November.
Sign-ups start August 1. Last day to sign up is August 23.

Girls Basketball

K-2nd Grade Clinic, 3rd-7th Grade League Play.

Sign-ups start August 1, Last day to register is September 18.

Boys Basketball

K-12th grades. December-February.
Sign-ups start November 1. Last day to register is December 4.

Mens Basketball

March & April. Cost is $50.00 per person.

Girls Volleyball

5th-10th grades, November–December.

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Other Programs

Twirling Medallions

Twirlers, Colorguard and Drummers

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm at the EMS.
Tina Hughes-Instructor. Call 298-0811

Elkton Recreation Dance Center

Academy of Expressive Dance. Ages 3 and up, held at the Elkton Recreation Center on B Street at the corner of Ashby Avenue, next door to the Elkton Elementary School.

Mary-Liz Humphrey, Director
111 Ashby Avenue, Elkton VA 22827
Call (540) 298-2163
Like us on facebook: Elkton Recreation Dance Program

For more information, please contact Mary-Liz 

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Elk Run Trail

Walk or run on the Elk Run Trail. Maps available at the EACC front desk.

Amusement Park Tickets

*All amusement park tickets must be paid for with cash or credit.

kingsdominionKings Dominion

Kings Dominion Good Any Day Tickets:

$43 Adults (Valid regular park operating days EXCEPT park rental days)


Super Saver Tickets $41

3/30-4/7, 4/13-4/14, 4/19-4/21, 4/26-4/28, 5/3-5/5, 5/10-5/12, 5/17-5/19, 7/5-7/31, 9/21-9/22, 9/27-9/29, 10/4-10/6, 10/11-10/13, 10/18-10/20, 10/25-10/27



All tickets available for purchase at the Elkton Area Community Center

*Tickets can only be purchased with cash or credit. Please call for availability.

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Shelter Rentals

shelterMonger/Epic Shelter

197 N. Terrace Avenue

Merck Shelter

Available to rent starting the first weekday in February.

Rental fee-
8am - 3pm $40.00

4pm - 10pm $40.00

All Day Fee $50.00


Call the EACC at 298-8730 for information on any of these activities.

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