Water Hauling

There are currently two water hauling sites for the Town of Elkton. You may call 540-298-1951 to inquire about signing up for a water key or for more information. 

Site 1: Newtown Road Intersection

  • Intersection of Newtown Road/East Rockingham Street and North Street/Mount Pleasant
  • The Newtown site features a bottom fill pump requiring a 2 inch camlock fitting.
  • Town-treated water. Tested regularly.
Site 2: Bear Lithia Springs

  • 2147 Bear Lithia Spring Road
  • The Bear Lithia site features a top fill pump and a bottom fill pump. The bottom fill requires a 2 inch camlock fitting.
  • Untreated water - consume at your own risk. Untested.

Water Hauler Instructions:

  • The current cost of water is $9.00/1000 gallons.
  • A billed customer has a flat rate of $5.00 that is charged per month for processing paperwork. Remember, you are required to pay this rate even if you have no water usage. The option to purchase a prepaid key allows you to add money as needed. No flat rate fee applies to pre-paid key owners. 
  • An invoice will be mailed by the 10th of each month, and the Town requires all water hauling bills to be paid in full by the 26th of each month to avoid paying interest. Afterwards, there is a 10% penalty assessed and you will be sent a disconnection notice with a set disconnection date. 
  • Any late customers will be de-authorized to use their key until payment is made in full. A reconnection fee of $45.00 will be charged for a hauler who is disconnected.
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