Waste Water Treatment Plant

In 1955, the Town of Elkton acquired the land for the future Waste Water Treatment Plant from Dr. E.B. Miller. In February 2019, the land was expanded by 21 acres after purchasing neighboring land from Circle M Farms. The recently-completed plant upgrades allow the plant to process 800,000 gallons of waste water per day and will meet the needs of our residents for the next 40 years and beyond.
Ultraviolet Disinfection Basin - Copy
Disc Filtration Basin
Final Clarification Basins - Copy
Final Clarification Basins 2
Centrifuge Building - Copy
Influent Basin - Copy
Influent Pump Station Mixer_copy - Copy
Aerobic Digestion Basin - Copy
Aerobic Digestion Basin 2 - Copy - Copy
Biologic Nutrient Removal (BNR)_cropped - Copy
BNR 2_cropped - Copy
Grit Channel_copy - Copy
Centrifuge Filtration_cropped - Copy
Biological Nutrient Removal Blowers_cropped - Copy
Disc Filtration System_cropped - Copy
Disc Filters_cropped - Copy